Fall is on its way

Another high water season at the lake became a very dry one after all the spring rains led into a drought! Still have several new and used lifts, docks and accessories in stock.

Gearing up for spring installs!



We had a great year selling docks and lifts! We are excited to announce the release of new docks from both Beach King and Shorestation. The new Beach King Dock should set the bar for overall value this year. Shorestation refined their lift last year so the new dock will complete the line up in the top of the line market!

Dont Let This Happen to You!

Let the professionals at Lakeside handle your dock and lift installation and removal.

This was a cabin we had never been to before, they called in three weeks after we took our last ones out. 2 inches of ice was not fun to deal with.

Northen Lights
Beach King Docks & Lifts